Project Partners

Amrita School of Medicine, Kochi, Kerala

  • Dr. K. Leelamoni, MD, DPH is currently Professor and Head of Community Medicine of AIMS, Kochi, Kerala and the Chief Co-ordinator of Quit Tobacco India International Project. She is a graduate and postgraduate in Community Medicine from Trivandrum Medical College, Kerala. She has about 40 years of academic as well as administrative experience in various medical colleges in India. She has been a postgraduate teacher, examiner and thesis evaluator for many universities. She is actively engaged in guiding research projects for students and faculty and has published papers in national and international journals. Dr. Leelamoni has participated in the monitoring and evaluation of many national health programmes including MDA in Lymphatic Filariasis, NRHM, the Iodine Deficiency Control Programme and Pulse Polio Immunization. Recently, she was a member of the Expert Committee on Pentavalent Vaccine before the launching of the vaccine in Kerala. At present, she is the Officer in Charge of the AIMS – UNICEF collaborative project on 'Infant and Young Child Nutrition (IYCN) Practices.'