Project Team - TURKEY

Kadir Has University Department of Psychology, Istanbul; Koc University, School of Nursing, Istanbul

  • Aslı Çarkoğlu, Ph.D received her bachelor's degree (B.A) in Psychology from Bogaziçi University, Istanbul, her master's (M.S.) and doctoral degrees in Family Studies from Purdue University. In her last year of doctoral studies, she coordinated the ethnographic component of a study on college students’ smoking habits. Upon receiving her degree, she was a post-doctoral fellow in medical anthropology at the University of Arizona with funding from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Since returning to Turkey, she has been a full-time faculty member at Doğuş University, Department of Psychology (2004-2013) and is currently a faculty member at Kadir Has University, Department of Psychology, Istanbul. Dr. Carkoglu is the country PI for Quit Tobacco Turkey. Her current research interests include smoking cessation, second hand exposure to tobacco smoke, and well-being and couple relationships.

  • Aygul Akyuz, Ph.D is a Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecologic Nursing at Koc University, School of Nursing in Istanbul. Dr. Akyuz has a long history of research and publication in the field of women's reproductive health and is an active member of the Turkish Nursing Education Association. She has served as a ranking officer in the Turkish Armed Forces for 14 years. In QTI Turkey, Dr. Akyuz will work with the reproductive health nurses, assisting them in learning about their role in tobacco cessation counseling for patients.

  • Dr. Seyda Ozcan is an associate professor of nursing at Koc University, School of Nursing, Istanbul. Dr. Ozcan specializes in diabetes nursing and has been a Diabetes Nurse Trainer since 2000. She has lectured  and trained nurses extensively at various U.S. and European universities and has published extensively on a range of topics. Dr. Ozcan is a member of the QTI Turkey team and is currently working on the development of the diabetes and tobacco modules for the upcoming nurse training workshops.

  • Aysecan Terzioglu, Ph.D is a medical anthropologist and Assistant Professor in the Koc University, School of Nursing, Istanbul. Dr. Terzioglu has conducted ethnographic research on cancer patients in Turkey and has carried out extensive research in medical settings. In QTI Turkey, Dr. Terzioglu is conducting qualitative interviews with smokers to better understand the meaning of smoking in the Turkish context, barriers to quitting, and the experience of nurses in helping patients quit.